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Catharsis Interruptus

Short play—2M, 1W

In ancient Greece, two actors, Cosmas and Hilarion, use the occasion of an outdoor drama festival to debate the wisdom and necessity of the theatrical practice of wearing masks. Meanwhile, Thalia, Cosmas’ sister, has her own ideas. The play uses anachronism to heighten the comedy and put the mask-wearing in perspective.

  • Production: Firehouse Center for the Arts, Newburyport, MA, 2023 (as part of the 21st annual New Works Festival).
  • Production: Providence Fringe Festival (online), Providence, RI, 2021

Photo credit: Laura Widness

The Lady Romeo

One-act play—3W

The Lady Romeo, which is set in 1862, centers around the relationship between prominent nineteenth-century American actress Charlotte Cushman; her friend and lover, the American sculptor Emma Stebbins; and a young theatergoer and admirer of Cushman, Matilda Gant. Inspired by seeing Cushman’s performance as Romeo, her admirer ingratiates herself into Cushman’s inner circle, disrupting Cushman’s life and her own. The play is about performance and about negotiating the terrain of love and friendship.

  • Production: 2001 Femme Fatale Play Festival (online)
  • Production: BoxFest Detroit 2018, Hamtramck, MI, 2018
  • Production: St. Luke’s Little Theater One-Act Play Festival, East Greenwich, RI, 2018
  • Finalist: Nightingale Song Festival, Ruthless Nightingale Theater Company, New York City, 2018
  • Finalist: Shakespeare in the ‘Burg 2018 One-Act Playwriting Competition, Middleburg, VA, 2018
  • Reading: Re-Imagine Theatre Company, Providence, RI, 2017


Short play—1M, 1W

While watching a basketball game, a brother and sister (Paul and Sue) begin a conversation that reveals and solidifies their bond, even while it exposes a painful and embarrassing secret. One-on-One explores the complicated landscape of domestic violence.

  • Production: 2020 New Works Festival, Firehouse Center for the Arts, Newburyport, MA, 2020
  • Production: Boston Theater Marathon, Boston, 2019
  • Production: Providence Fringe Festival, Providence, RI, 2018
  • Staged reading: Culture*Park 16th annual Short Plays Marathon, New Bedford, MA, 2018

Assisted Living

Short play—1M, 1W

Assisted Living takes a look at the challenge of caring for aging parents, particularly those with dementia. Although set in the present day, the play examines this by imagining what takes place offstage during Act I of Shakespeare’s King Lear. The characters are Goneril, King Lear’s oldest daughter, and her husband Albany.

  • Finalist, Red Bull Theater Short New Play Festival, New York City, 2015
  • Production: Gamm Studio Theater Lab 10-Minute Play Festival, Pawtucket, RI, 2014
  • Staged reading: Culture*Park 12th annual Short Plays Marathon, New Bedford, MA, 2014

Photo credit: Joe Francis

The Gift

Short play—1M, 2W

Two middle-aged siblings, Pat and Deirdre, revisit the past as they prepare to help their sister-in-law, Mary (who suffers from early dementia) bury Kevin, their brother and Mary’s husband. The Gift is about family bonds, forgiveness, and the power of love.

  • Production: Acting Up! 2018, The Orange Players, Orange, CT, 2018
  • Production: Exit Strategies: An International Ten-Minute Plays Festival, Raze the Space Theatre, Los Angeles, 2018

Photo credit: Laura Widness

New West

Short play—1M, 2W

The play takes place in July 1803 in a room for receiving visitors in the President’s House (not at that time called the White House) in Washington, DC. William Clark is to meet with President Jefferson, who is going to ask him to be part of the expedition to explore the Louisiana Purchase. Clark is reluctant to take this on, but something happens during the play to get him to change his mind. Characters in the play are explorer William Clark; Lemhi Shoshone woman, Sacagawea; and President Jefferson’s public relations staffer.

  • Production: Providence Fringe Festival, Providence, RI, 2016

Photo credit: Mark Sawtelle

At the Creation

Short play—2M

In At the Creation, Elliott, an aspiring playwright, tries to convince his actor friend Joe that what seems like the unpromising story of Adam and Eve would make a successful romantic comedy. This play stretches the definition of romantic comedy while dramatizing the creative process.

  • Staged reading: Culture*Park 13th annual Short Plays Marathon, New Bedford, MA, 2015

Sales Pitch

Short play—2M

In Sales Pitch, Jason tries to convince his reluctant grandfather, Frank, to go in on a business venture with him. The play reveals not only the grandson’s failings but his grandfather’s weaknesses as well.

  • Production: Providence Fringe Festival, Providence, RI, 2019
  • Staged reading: Culture*Park 17th annual Short Plays Marathon, New Bedford, MA, 2019

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Divide and Conquer

Short play—2W

In Divide and Conquer, two sisters, Clare and Anne, sort through and attempt to divide their parents’ possessions after the deaths of their mother 18 months ago and their father three months ago. This activity tests their bond as sisters, exploring their connection and exposing their hurts.

  • Staged reading: Culture*Park 14th annual Short Plays Marathon, New Bedford, MA, 2016